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Seafood paella is one of those dishes that screams community.

For sure the star of the evening, this traditional Spanish dish includes chicken, chorizo, shrimp, mussels, and/or clams with slow-cooked with rice. It was perfect for a Transformation Table dinner. Everyone watched chef Eduardo as he prepared the paella in a large paella pan over a gas grill, which is an art in itself. When Chef Eduardo placed the paella at the center of the table, the oohs and ahhs took over any conversation.

The food set the stage for sharing ideas and discussion.

Pastor Dixon told us about his difficult background and as an important social justice activist in the Charleston community, shared with the table issues confronting the community. Arik talked about running for US Congress. Jaime and Dena connected over a common vocation in education. Stacia and Dena are both from New York. Larry and Eduardo talked rice! I appreciated hearing from Nilsy that a Transformation Table dinner is an opportunity to come and be who you are – without judgement.

That’s the vision of Transformation Table.


Our Hosts: LARRY & JAIME

“We were extremely excited to host Transformation Table at our home and the experience was one that we will always remember. Everything from watching the Chef prepare the meal to sitting around the table with newfound friends provided an opportunity to engage. The conversation was thought provoking and mindful. The company was delightful. The Paella was delicious. You will not find an experience like this at any restaurant in Charleston. If you are interested in food and people, Transformation Table is for you!!”

Our Chef: Eduardo de la Cruz

 “Food brings people together. A Spanish seafood paella was the way to go; one of the most engaging and talked about dishes. My name is Eduardo E De la Cruz from Paella-Live. Catering of paellas for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events in the charleston area. An internationally know Spanish dish.”



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