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Our first dinner on Johns Island!

Held at the beautiful home of Kate and Lindsay Nevin, this was the dinner that brought together folks I have wanted around the table for ages. Thrilled to have them finally here.

This was an interesting dinner – we had a multigenerational table, and conversation reflected that.

Over fabulous North Indian food prepared by the talented and lovely Gita Soni of Taste of India, Marlena updated us on how folks at Mother Emanuel are doing, and we had frank conversation about race discussing how environment and how we grew up impacts our view of race and relationships. I appreciated the honesty and openness of all the guests. You all rock!!

Thank you Marlena, Bill, Laurie, Shanequa, Harold, Diana, Charles, Kate and Lindsay for an evening that left me, in the words of Shanequa, “renewed and refreshed.”

Our Hosts: Kate and Lindsay

“Our lives are busy.  It is not easy to get family and friends together for a meal, much less strangers!  And I had to laugh, because when we went around the table at the introduction – everyone mentioned how long he/she had been trying to get to Transformation Table.

It’s so hard to get out of our own little silos and there never seems to be enough time.  But my advice is, make time.  Breaking bread and sharing stories with friends you haven’t met yet is an incredible way to open up space in your heart and your mind.  So open up time in your schedule to get to this table and help the transformation and healing continue in our community.”

Our Chef: Gita Soni

“I loved the opportunity to cook again for Transformation Table. I loved seeing everyone enjoy the food and the guests coming together like a family. I am so happy to cook for friends and new family!”

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