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In December 2016, I attended an Open House at the Charleston Central Mosque My friend Kat posed this question to Imam Eesa Wood: How can we support you? What do you need from us as your allies? Kat posted his response on her Facebook page: “We need to counter disinformation and anti-Islamic rhetoric. We need to call out bigotry. And specifically, we can invite members of Muslim communities and organizations to come and speak to the groups we are part of to make sure that non-Muslims are educated and able to spot and counter Islamophobia. Educating ourselves is part of this process. And educating others.”

This happened at our Persian dinner.

Held at the home of Reshma and Ahsan Khan, guests were free to ask questions about Islam in a safe, nonjudgmental space.

People around the table could begin to have meaningful dialogue – to discuss whatever issues, topics they want to discuss. It’s an opportunity to just be who you are, to be seen and heard in an intimate way.

Over food prepared by Azam with the assistance of her daughter Samira, we talked Islam and Christianity, the history of African American journalists at what is now the Post & Courier, and the impact of the election of Donald Trump on family relationships. Business connections were developed as well. Josh will help Herb with IT support, and Leslie had suggestions about how to promote Transformation Table. Sometimes teary, sometimes serious, and infused with laughter, I was again humbled by the level of sharing around the table among the guests.


Our Hosts: Ahsan and Reshma

“We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a dinner for Transformation Table. The people around the table were warm, friendly and created an environment of love and peace. The conversations were meaningful and deep. It is a great way to learn about each other and pave way for building relationships.  Tina does a wonderful job in organizing the dinner. She makes it very easy for the host.  All her hard work shines through the evening. We loved it and looking forward to hosting another one in future.”

Our Chef: Home Cook Azam

I enjoy cooking for people and sharing my Iranian culture. I loved seeing everyone at the table trying food they had never eaten before and loving it! I cook with love and felt it back through the appreciation and appetites of the guests! While I don’t speak much English, I could tell by the empty plates and smiles on everyone’s faces how much they enjoyed the meal. It makes me very happy.

Contact: Samira Ring, 843.810.6444.

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