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Maria made the most delicious meal that led to seconds and thirds.

Many of us brought home leftovers. I fell in love with the pao de queijo, 5 cheese cheeseballs made with yucca flour. Like Lays potato chips, you can’t eat just one.

At Maria Alice and Roberto’s house, it was the United Nations of women – Pakistani-Egyptian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, American south and northeast. . They shared their families’ history of being immigrants in the US. Hoda shared how her Pakistani father stressed the importance of education and despite having children, she finished her degree at College of Charleston. Angie spoke about how her Vietnamese parents wanted her to learn English. We talked about the frustration of being labeled a certain way because of the way they look or speakRoberto, Maria Alice’s husband, was a trooper to be surrounded by all women. Until Maria Alice told me he was used to it.

Apparently, in Brazil, there are 7 women for 1 man. Yowza.

When you are sitting at a dinner table, sharing a meal and stories about your life or experiences, we are forced to move past assumptions, labels and stereotypes and see each other’s humanity and shared experiences

The sisterhood is alive and well!

Our Hosts: Maria Alice and Roberto

Thank you Tina Singleton for the opportunity to share love, friendship, respect, food, and good environment with people. I started not knowing anyone, and ended up loving each one of them. Thank you for letting us be part of this movement that aggregates and never segregates. The world needs more people like you.

Home Cook: Maria Alice The

“It was an honor to open our house and cook for the Transformation Table dinner on July 22. I am not a formal chef, but with love, everything ended up spectacularly!

The same way happens when you open your heart to people that are from different countries, cultures, colors or religions. This dinner was an amazing opportunity to meet all of the above, and with love, respect, good food and great company, we united and connected lovely.”

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