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The neighborhood of I’On, Mt. Pleasant, is designed to be people friendly: the homes are close together, houses have deep front porches, there are wide sidewalks, nature trails, and parks. In a two-story salmon colored house here, strangers and acquaintances assembled in the high- ceilinged living room to sip freshly brewed ginger beer and nosh on plantain chips. Over a feast of corn fritters, braised curried chicken or cauliflower in coconut broth with coconut rice, pigeon peas and collard greens, we learned more about slave history from Joseph McGill of the Slave Dwelling Project, and the situation of LGBTQ community in Charleston from Chase, Executive Director of the Alliance for Full Acceptance. This intersection of past and present is what makes our community a rich and complicated one.

It was also chef Angela’s birthday, and she was gifted with a gorgeous handmade chef’s knife made by Bill and Angela’s son. Happy birthday Angela!!


Our Hosts: Julie and Bill Hussey

Homes are for retreat and, just as importantly, for gathering together. Bill and I had met Tina through the Lowcountry Local First GoodSense conference and had really enjoyed being the guests at a Transformation Table in 2017. We have loved our Chef Angela and her husband Patrick for years and while we had eaten meals together, we had not experienced the full blessing of her cooking a complete dinner of Patrick’s native food.  I knew of Joseph McGill because of his amazing Slave Dwelling Project but had yet to meet him face to face.  Chase and Colleen, and Kat being Transformation Table hosts enabled us to extend out our inherited dining room table (with Tina’s settings and a few of her chairs 🙂 to experience the gratitude of humanity which comes from being with former strangers and now new friends.

Our Chef: Angela Webb

When we were invited to cook for a Transformation Table gathering, we knew the menu would be a Jamaican dinner. Not only is Jamaica my husband’s heritage, but it is also a cultural crossroad resulting in the diverse flavors that make Jamaican food so unique. It seemed the perfect fit for our contribution to Transformation Table.

It was truly an honor to cook in the warm and welcoming home of our friends Bill and Julie Hussey and to have been part of such an important conversation.

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