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Be the change you want in your community. Open your home to bring people together, break bread, have lots of laughs, and create genuine human connection. 

You’d make a great Transformation Table Host If…

You have an open heart

You’re willing to welcome people you haven’t met yet into your home–people from various walks of life, belief systems, and experiences.

You have space

You have room in your home to be able to seat 10 – 12 people comfortably. (We can bring the table and chairs if you don’t have enough.) 

You enjoy conversation and connection

You appreciate conversations where people put their judgments aside and listen with an open heart and open mind to perspectives that may be different than their own.

Transformation Table is willing to partner with local businesses and organizations.


When Tina asked if we would host the first Transformation Table, I was both excited and nervous. Nervous because we have a 2 year old and was worried about him running around while guests were trying to enjoy dinner. When she insisted he would be fine and that she would provide everything including a great meal, we were sold.

Tina literally transformed our dining area with her acute attention to detail. She created a relaxed environment, so when everyone arrived people felt welcomed and casually engaged in conversation before sitting down to enjoy dinner. Our chef, Janice and her husband were outstanding! Janice prepared a delicious Vietnamese meal carefully accommodating everyone’s dietary needs without compromising the wonderful flavors. I enjoyed conversing with everyone because everyone’s stories were so interesting. The conversation flowed very naturally. We laughed and just simply enjoyed one another’s company. It is truly a wonderful experience I highly recommend. Tina’s desire to bring folks from all walks of life to “The Table” is needed and deeply appreciated.”


“We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a dinner for Transformation Table. The people around the table were warm, friendly and created an environment of love and peace. The conversations were meaningful and deep. It is a great way to learn about each other and pave way for building relationships.  Tina does a wonderful job in organizing the dinner. She makes it very easy for the host.  All her hard work shines through the evening. We loved it and looking forward to hosting another one in future.”


“We were extremely excited to host Transformation Table at our home and the experience was one that we will always remember. Everything from watching the Chef prepare the meal to sitting around the table with newfound friends provided an opportunity to engage. The conversation was thought provoking and mindful. The company was delightful. The Paella was delicious. You will not find an experience like this at any restaurant in Charleston. If you are interested in food and people, Transformation Table is for you!!”


“Transformation Table provides an intimate venue for the celebration of a community that often feels far too distant and alien in the Lowcountry. To be invited to affirm our common values, different traditions, and experiences over food that is prepared by gracious and kind hands is a gift of renewal.

We are free to explore and come alive again through new smells, tastes, sights, sounds and healing human interactions.

We have the opportunity to deepen the ways in which we know each other if we are fully open. Transformation Table promotes a sense of community and we deserve this more than ever right now.”

“When Tina first told me about what she was doing with Transformation Table I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of so my husband Jim and I offered up our home as hosts. Tina was wonderful to work with and provided everything needed for the evening, arrived early to make sure that the evening went smoothly and to set a beautiful table. The dinner was delicious and prepared by local Gullah chef BJ Dennis who took the time to educate us on the dishes that he prepared and the history behind them as well as local ingredients used.  But, by far the best part was the conversation. I can’t remember the last time I had dinner with such an interesting group of people bringing perspectives and conversation around a broad scope of topics that shed a bit of light on each of our backgrounds and our own personal history. 

We would do it again in a heartbeat!”


“Transformation Table is the perfect name for this experience. From start to finish, as a host, I placed my trust in Tina to take care of all the logistics around the dinner, which she delivered effortlessly and always with a warm heart and smile on her face! All I did was clean my house and open my door.

Then, I placed my trust in Tina’s sensitivity and sensibility to bring together a group of people, whom I did not know and who did not know one another, to take a shared leap of faith to meet in a stranger’s home to share a meal, conversation and, often, personal truths.

The reward was an inspiring reminder of the depth of our shared human experience, which civilizes discourse so that we can hear and receive different points of view without feeling threatened or diminished…and might even grow from it.

If that isn’t transformative, I don’t know what is?”

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