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Food is the tool that makes guests slow down, share a table, and stay at the table.

 You’d make a great Transformation Table Chef If…

For you, cooking is an act of love

Transformation Table chefs are willing to adjust their menus to suit everyone around the table. We find most of our chefs through word of mouth, and the greatest qualification we look for is flexibility. It doesn’t matter to us whether you cook professionally or at home. What we look for is your willingness to share your talents and skills with people from various walks of life, belief systems, and experiences. This includes food preferences. Our guests are carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians! 

You’re willing to share your unique food story

We consciously select home cooks and chefs who are willing to share their own history and culture through food, and become an integral part of the dining experience. Chefs who cook for Transformation Table are as diverse as the people at the table. Past meals have included the cuisines of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iran, and the American South. 

You can adjust to cooking in a home kitchen

The kitchens our hosts provide vary in size and layout, and we ask our chefs to make the provided kitchen space work for the dinner they create.

You use locally sourced ingredients

Transformation Table believes in supporting local farmers, food artisans, and purveyors. We hope that you will use local sources whenever possible.

Chef Testimonials

Eduardo de la Cruz

“Food brings people together. A Spanish seafood paella was the way to go; one of the most engaging and talked about dishes. My name is Eduardo E De la Cruz from Paella-Live. Cooking for Transformation Table was a perfect example of this, a unique experience.

Everybody were anxious to eat paella. The guests enjoyed this dish as well as seeing how it is made. All theguests were delighted when the paella was places and unveiled in the middle of the table. The food and the guests helped set the evening to share thoughts and ideas.

I would like to thank Tina Singleton, the organizer and host of the event, for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for food with other people. I enjoyed cooking for Transformation Table.”


I enjoy cooking for people and sharing my Iranian culture. I loved seeing everyone at the table trying food they had never eaten before and loving it! I cook with love and felt it back through the appreciation and appetites of the guests! While I don’t speak much English, I could tell by the empty plates and smiles on everyone’s faces how much they enjoyed the meal. It makes me very happy.

Chef BJ Dennis

Transformation table was truly an inspiring event. From the food to the conversations at the table, it is an event that should not be missed. Conversations that are needed, sometimes deep, but always smoothed out by great food that makes things comfortable.  Great vibes and great food at the transformation table.


“I always consider being asked to share my love of cooking with others a distinct honor; this was more than I had expected.  The home that was selected had everything one would ever require to prepare a wonderful evening’s dinner.  The hostess Tina was more than accommodating and made me feel more as a member of the group than the evening chef.  What a lovely and endearing group of guests, charming, welcoming and expressing such interest that made me feel completely at ease.  It is because of experiences such as this I have decided to introduce my love of cooking and pride in Afghan cuisine further. Hopefully, in the first few weeks of July my own restaurant will be open for business, expanding my knowledge of Afghan cooking to my fullest.”


I knew at my first meeting with Tina that I wanted to be a part of Transformation Table’s cause.  I was initially nervous about being its first “chef”, being that I’m a home cook, but Tina made the process very easy.  Cooking from the heart and telling my story were the key ingredients to making these dishes that were passed down from my mom.  I would recommend to any chef or home cook to be a part of this transformation!

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