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Words from the table say it all…

Since the first Transformation Table dinner in November 2016, I ask each dinner guest, host, and chef of the evening to sign the white cotton tablecloth that I use to set the table at every dinner. Using Sharpies in a rainbow of colors, they share a thought about their experience of the evening.

After a year of dinners, the tablecloth has become a tribute and testimony to vision, progress, and hope. It is a symbol of the open hearts and minds of our global community, and the power of food as a universal “in” to our shared humanity. Up close, one sees individual signatures, but from afar, the colors seem to blend together; the signatures look like a collective – a united group of ‘Progress Warriors’ who said yes to dialogue, conversation, and opportunity for connection.

There’s something symbolic about that, yes?

This gives me hope.


“Love is Progress. Hate is Expensive. Thank you for inviting me to the Transformation Table.”

Pastor Dixon


“More than I ever thought it would be – Thanks for including me. 


Building bridges is key to breaking barriers, and this was an amazing example of Breaking Barriers and making amazing New Friednds.

Hoda Mabrook

Chef Signature

I came. 
I saw. 
I ate. 
I drank.
I spoke.
I learned. 
I laughed. 
I love this!
KJ Kearney


Religion, Race, Family, Politics. Love Transformed.



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